50 Profitable Business Idea(s) To Start In Campus 2019

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A business idea is something that can be used to bring money into your hands. Many people with their business idea have become wealthy and even employ many people. On Campus, there are so many business idea(s) that one can embark on. When once you can provide a solution to people’s problem, you have money in your hand with the business idea. A good business idea is something that one has to carry feasibility studies.

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50 business Idea(s) to start in University

1. Transportation service

If you have an old car that your parents have forgotten for a long time. You can repair it and begin a micro transport service. In this business idea, Your campus colleagues would be willing to pay you for your services.

2. Tutoring service

This business idea is a good one. When you are good in one or two courses. You’ll make extra money by offering to teach your fellow classmates. They have problems with those subjects.

3. Career counseling

You can meet recruiters and managers in the on-campus career centre to know what they are searching for in job applicants. Then you can become counselor simply by unleashing these secrets to your fellow colleagues.

4. Fitness Centre

If you have a good body physique, think about having a gym Centre aimed at teaching fellow students and people that are obese to become fit like you. You can use campus equipment or off campus equipment.

5. Party promotion

Most college students love fun. So, you can make a good income if you know how to promote engaging parties and get the best disc jockey and fun loving people to the events. Another way to make this business idea juicy is bringing together celebrity singers and entertainers for your show.

6. On-boarding services for international students

If your School accept foreign Students, you can start an on-boarding service for international students. That has never lived in your country for long. Those students may have a tough time adapting to the environment of the campus, and they may need some time to blend. This business idea is not common on campuses.

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Low Capital Business Idea(s)

7. Graphics design

If you have a flair for creative design and you are good at it, you can start one. You can render services for both students and lecturers who want to redecorate their research. You can also design banners for events, greeting cards, and birthday cards etc. This is a nice campus business idea.

8. Freelance writing

If you are very good playing with words, you can start a writing for people. This involves writing assignments for clients — not for fellow colleagues because you are violating the School rules. You can register with freelancing sites and source for clients on the internet with your business idea.

9. Dog walking

This is an awesome business idea. If you have affection for dogs and other pets, you can start a pet service. If you have some colleagues that have pets at home. You can inform them about your services. A professional vet should be consulted on this. So that you can get some basic tips on how to care for dogs.

10. Hairstyling

Everyone on campus wants to look good. You can start rendering your services as a hair stylist or barber. Therefore, adding values to people with your business idea. You will make a lot of cash off of your colleagues by starting this business.

11. Babysitting

Working class Parents need babysitters to take care of their kids while they are at work or businesses. You can become a babysitter and earn extra income to support yourself while in school. This business idea is worth doing.

12. Event planning

There are series of events on campus ranging from departmental parties, Faculty parties, dinner night, matriculation to convocations. There are that are ready to pay for your services.

Although starting up might be difficult because you have to convince sponsors that you can handle the job perfectly. You can accept to do free jobs in order to make name first before you start charging.

13. Residential and Commercial Cleaning

You can also make money from cleaning other people’s homes or offices. Although the business idea can be stressful. Most people are often too busy to take care of their homes and offices themselves. They need people that will help them. This business idea can be done when you are a bit free.

14. Selling of Study Aids

Most students find it difficult to read voluminous materials. You can sell key points to them. That will make them read effectively and excel in their academic pursuit.

15. Pet Grooming

Everyone admires a clean and lovely smelling pet but most people find it difficult to groom their pets or simply don’t like doing these themselves. You can make extra income from this business idea. All You have to do is to bathe the pets, trim their hair and take them out for exercise.

16. Photography and Videography

Some Students are picture freak. You can capture awesome moments for them as a Photographer. You can also record live videotapes for campus events and sell them for a fee.

17. Master of Ceremonies (MC)

You can also become an anchor Man or MC for campus and off-campus events and shows.

18. Food Delivery

You can make money as a part-time chef or by making pre-packaged meals and sell them to fellow students.

19. Sewing

You can make good money mending clothes for people and also design for them.

20. Dance and Music Classes

If you can dance or play any musical instrument very well. You can become a music or dance instructor to fellow student. This business idea requires a low capital to start.

21. Gardening

Do you love flowers, pruning lawns and redecorating homes? A lot of people wouldn’t mind paying you to help them keep their homes and gardens beautiful.

Online Business idea(s)

22. Start Selling E-books

You can make money by writing e-books about what you passionate about and selling them on the internet. This would not cost you much but it requires your time and energy. When writing your e-book, carry out research on hot keywords in that niche so that people can find it easy to locate your e-book in search engines.

23. Building Mobile Apps

Apps are in vogue right now and many individuals need a person to build mobile apps for them. Then you can also make income as by building mobile apps and publishing them.

24. Blogging

You do this by creating a blog on blogger.com or WordPress. Then start writing about a specific niche that you are passionate about. All you need is your computer and internet subscription. If your contents are unique and you gain organic traffic, you can make money from Google AdSense or other advertising agents.

25. Affiliate Marketing

What an affiliate marketer does is to help promote products and services of other companies and earn commission from sales made. You will need a good knowledge of web marketing, sales copywriting and pay per click marketing to become an affiliate marketer.

26. Academic Writing

You can Write projects, Term Papers and Seminar Paper for to people who want it and get paid for it.

27. Offer Virtual Assistance

Many professionals prefer hiring a virtual assistant who would work from home. You can become a virtual assistant as long as your computer is connected to the internet.

28. Start a Resume Writing

If you are very good with information presentation, you can help people write their resume and Curriculum Vitae in ways that would attract potential employers and get paid for it.

29. Offer Bookkeeping

This is another business idea you can dive into If you have good accounting skills. You can offer bookkeeping services to cooperate with organizations and individuals online.

30. Website Design

You can design a website for people, Churches, small medium enterprise. You can also buy undeveloped websites and develop them for resale.

31. Search Engine Optimization

Companies and business owners are always looking for ways to place their businesses at the top of search engines such as Google and Bing. You can make money by helping companies improve web page ranking.

32. Language Translation

As a student, you can help people translate official papers from that language to English or vice versa. There are also lots of chances for transcription services on the internet.

33. Start Organizing Webinars

You can organize seminars online and share your business ideas on a given topic that people will find would be interesting while you charge them.

34. Online Nutritionist

You can make income by marketing weight loss meal plans or nutritional guides to people online.

35. Ticketing Agent

You can make money from selling air travel tickets to people who need it on the internet. It is a lucrative business idea.

36. Online Tutor

You can make money by tutoring people online. There are several websites that you can register under as their tutors or you can even generate your website and start teaching students.

37. Graphic designer

You can sell your crafts on various platforms such as Udemy, Up work, Fiverr, and Odesk etc.

38. Property Finding Service

You can find accommodation for students or even non-students. All you have to do is to search for vacant houses and list them on your site so that people can be aware of them.

39. Establish Online Directories

You can also create online directories and charge companies for listing their business idea.

40. Online Surveys

There are lots of chances to make money from filling out an online review. Simply register on a genuine paid survey site and get paid to answer survey questions. This is a very cheap business idea.

41. Online Reputation Management

You can help in managing a company’s reputation and brand online by using digital marketing tools. That translates to geometrical sales most of the time through your business idea.

42. Buying and selling stuff online

This is a business idea that has become one of the big money earners in this digitalize era. The challenge comes in offering something unique or which stands out from other product offerings in the marketplace.

43. Selling of gift items

This can come in varieties such as cupcakes, chips, rose flower, chocolate, this can capture the attention of buyers. You can income from your business idea.

44. Computer enthusiast

Those who make use of the Internet for research, emailing, and playing games online may find his appealing by taking part in a business like testing new games online.

45. Making personalized invitations

for events like inductions, bachelorette parties, anniversaries and special events may crack out to be a money earner for students.

46. Providing content for blogs

Many bloggers are looking for unique writers to write for their blogs about cities they have been to or products they have tried.

47. Cobbler Making

This is a business idea that is quite appealing students. Who knows where to source for good leather can produce slippers/sandals with eye-catching design.

48. Affiliate marketing programs online that sell products

Students with a website can advertise company’s product on their site. They get paid when a customer follows the link on their site to get a product.

49. E-Commerce Site

This is a business idea whereby young adventurous individuals can sell their products here. By taking good photos of the products they want to sell and post the picture online with description.

50. Online Registration

This business idea is the commonest in various campuses. You just need a laptop, printer, and modem to do online registration such as School fees, courses, and results etc.

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