How To Create JAMB Profile 2019 Using Your Phone Number

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Please, how do I create JAMB PROFILE For 2019 JAMB Registration

To answer the above question, I have created a step by step guide on how you can easily create a JAMB profile on the JAMB e-facility website.

Most Candidates Ask:

  • When can I create JAMB Profile?
  • JAMB Profile creation?
  • What do I need a JAMB 2019 Profile?
  • how can I create JAMB Profile?

If you are yet to complete your JAMB 2019 Registration, then this guide will really be of help to you. The first step to register for JAMB 2019/2020 is to create your personal unique Jamb profile which is what this page will help you to accomplish.

See How To Create JAMB Profile With Used Phone Number

There are three methods by which you can use to create your JAMB Profile;

  1. By sending SMS/Text Message
  2. Using Jamb Website direct Link
  3. Using the Jamb Mobile App

How To Create JAMB Profile By Sending SMS / Text Messages To JAMB Short-Code

This is the best method of creating JAMB profile especially for those candidates who do not have a browsing phone. In this method of creating JAMB Profile, all you need do is send a message command to JAMB shortcode and your profile will be created. To do this follow the procedures outlined below;

  • Open your phone message app and send a message in this format [Surname – First Name – Middle Name] to this Jamb short code (55019). For Example; “Wisdom Peter James” to 55019.
  • You will receive a profile code of 10 characters base on the information you input in (1) above.
  • Your Surname and First Name is very mandatory while the Middle name is optional.
  • The Name could be a maximum of 38 characters + 2spaces between name = 40 characters. This means that you only allow using 40 characters to create your JAMB Profile with JAMB shortcode.
  • The phone number used for the profile creation is tied to the candidate’s name and will be used for any further communication

If you make any mistake while creating your JAMB profile with the JAMB shortcode, Here’s how to make corrections;

  • If you make mistake in your name, send this command message [ CORRECT Surname – FirstName – MiddleName]. For Example; CORRECT “Wisdom Paul James” to 55019 with the mobile number you used to create the profile.
  • In case you forgot your Profile Code, send [RESEND to 55019 with the phone number you used in creating your JAMB Profile].

Before you start the creation of your JAMB profile on the JAMB website – See the best kind of Email Address you should use to create JAMB Profile.

See JAMB CBT Centres Approved For JAMB 2019 Registration

How To Create JAMB 2019/2020 Profile Using JAMB Website

Creating your JAMB Profile for 2018 Jamb registration is simple if you have internet connection on your browsing phone or Laptop. Follow the procedures outlined below;

  • Visit on the front page – Click on the link that says; Create E-facility account/Log in
  • On the next page – click on Create New Account.
  • Enter your details as shown in the screenshot below;
JAMB Profile creation 2019
  • An email address will be sent to the email address you provided containing a confirmation link.
  • Check your e-mail inbox and open the mail sent to your e-mail by JAMB and click on the link inside the e-mail to confirm that you’re the owner of the e-mail.
  • You will be required to create a unique password which you will be using to log in. Create your password.
  • You will also be required to fill your surname, first name, middle name, date of birth. Make sure you take time to enter your details correctly as you will be asked to provide this details in the future in case you forgot your password. [Take note of your date of birth, secret question and answer]
  • After you have completely filled all the required fill, click on create an account and your Jamb profile account will be created.

How To Create JAMB 2019 Profile With The JAMB Mobile Apps

Step 1: Download the 2019/2020 JAMB mobile App

Step 2: Install the App on your Smartphone and launch it

Step 3: Upon Launching the mobile app, you will see exactly the Image below

Step 4: Hit the Sign-Up button

Step 5: Type in your Email Address in the “Enter your email box”

Step 6: Re-enter your Email Address to confirm it

Step 7: Choice a security question from the list of questions available

Step 8: Provide an answer to the security question you choose

Step 9: Re-enter your security Question answer

Step 10: Click on Verify E-mail

Step 11: An email will be to the email address that you enter. Log in to your e-mail and open the mail send to you by JAMB. Inside the mail, you will see a link which says ” Click here to continue your Profile Creation”.  Click on the link to continue…

Step 12: You will be redirected to Sign – up (New User), Enter your  name in this order

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Middle Name

Step 13 

Select your gender

  • Male or
  • Female

Step 14: Enter your date of birth beginning with Day, Month & Year.

Step 15: Re-enter your date of birth to confirm it.

Please make sure that you enter your correct date of birth because there would be to room for correction after you hit the sign up button.

Step 16: Enter your Phone Number

Step 17: Select your country, next select your State, next select your Local government of origin

Step 18: Input your personal Password, next Re-enter your Password.

Please make sure you choose a password that you can easily remember.

Step 19: Hit the SIGN-UP Button.

Congratulation you have successfully create your JAMB profile.

So what next?

2019/2020 JAMB UTME Registration

How to register for JAMB 2018 using the JAMB mobile app.

Step 1: Open the JAMB mobile App

Step 2: Select UTME Registration

Step 3: Enter your Email and Password & hit on LOGIN

Step 4: Select your Courses UTME Subject combination

Step 5: Select your choice of Institution

Step 6: Search institution and choose your choice

Step 7: Choose your O’level exam type and Select at least 5 Subjects

Step 8: You will receive a notification saying ” Your data is successfully saved, Kindly proceed to the nearest C.B.T center to complete your Registration”.

That is all about how to Create JAMB PROFILE and Also register yourself for JAMB 2019 UTME. Watch this video tutorial on how to create 2019/20 Jamb Profile.

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