Daylight Robbery at UNIZIK

The new name in bribe not just a lecturer but a whole department. This young man (names withheld) met me pleading that I should buy his departmental newspaper. When I inquired about the price, he told me it was 500 naira.

This got me very angry because even the popular dailies were not sold at that amount, after all, this is suppose to be a work for practicals not for business. He pleaded again and started giving me a rundown of cost and what they have gone through in the production of the newspaper. For each student in the final year (C.E.P) in the department of mass communication of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. A class of more than 150 students, the cost analysis goes thus:

(1) Production fee= #25,000 (Twenty-five thousand naira)

(2) Advert fee = #5000 – #20000 (Twenty thousand naira) If this is

(2) Advert fee = #5000 – #20000 (Twenty thousand naira) If this is totaled by 150 and taking a minimum of #5000 on the adverts, it sums to about #4,750,000 (four million, seven hundred and fifty thousand naira). After the production, the final year students are now forced to sell 20 copies of the newspaper and bring back #10,000 (Ten thousand naira) to the department.

If this is added to the previous sum, the amount totals #6,250,000 (Six million, two hundred and fifty thousand naira). Failure to pay all this outrageous sum you will make an F in the course. These monies will also be collected for magazine production which a deadline is already placed. This young man I am talking about is finding it difficult to pay his house rent at the moment. He has not even paid his compulsory school fees not to talk about all the requirements mention above and they are threatening to fail him in the course.

Many students in this department are failing and paying extra school fees because they were not able to meet up with the payment. This same thing will be extorted from regular final year students Out of pity I bought this newspaper. Though not surprised, the newspaper was a disgrace because it was filled with only adverts brought by over 150 students of which some of the adverts did not come out in the newspaper and there was no news worth reading.

The questions now are: (1) Why do you collect your own salary as a lecturer working under the federal government and still collect the money from struggling students that do not have all in the name of practical?

(2) How do we stop a female student from not prostituting to get this money when she has to bring out of fear of failing the course?

(3) Since it is a practical course why is it not done by the students but a lecturer? He does everything from compiling to printing in where none of the students know about.

(4) Since the students have pay for the production and adverts, why should they sell the newspaper and bring the money to the department?

(5) The money generated from this fraud has it been used to better the academic performance of the the department or used in the constructing of any press or standard broadcast house? The department remain the same.

(6) Is this not money for grades in disguise ( baptized sorting )

(7) Why do we blame the government when we ourselves are worst than the devil. (8) Does it mean the authorities does not know about this? With

(8) Does it mean the authorities does not know about this? With this, I urge every well-meaning Student to share this so that this broad daylight stealing with guns in the guise of pens will be stopped. I have not written this long on Facebook or any other social or print media. This is to show how our educational system has deteriorated to. This is not copied. I wrote it with a sad heart.

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