Forum Of Students Union Government Retake Powers as the Constitute New Executive for State NANS JCC

Last updated on June 14th, 2018 at 08:03 pm

The National Association of Nigerian Students Akwa Ibom State Axis NANS JCC has suffered setback overtimes due to the insolent lifestyle of the immediate past leadership of the Revolutionary Association.


I have watched and I have seen various kinds of Student Leaders. Comrade Clifford ways and manners of leadership were not distasteful but as worst as that the Immediate past President of Gambia Y. Jammeh.

Not only, not wanting to transmit power but full of Insult and blackmails, even subjecting himself to be used as a tool for other politicians to use in fighting others.

Comrade Clifford, before Now. I use to hold you in a very high esteem but the day I realise that you can do anything for money I lost that respect for you. Your series of blackmails often time to the S.A to Governor on Students Affairs do not Hold water as such lack credibility and content as you usually agitate for personal Interest.

It’s time to make an Account of your successes. How many Campus tour have you made, how many intervention programs have you stage etc? My brother’s eyes are watching you, just as a NANS JCC Chairman you’ve discredited yourself in showing us that the Capacity you sing like a song is only achieved in how many campaigns of Calumny you have run against the S.A to Governor on students Affairs.

How then do you think that any reasonable Person in the society will admit you to any reasonable Firm or Establishment as you’re known for fighting leadership?. You’ve so lowered yourself to an extent of Going around Campuses at night just to Paste AQUILLA MUST GO. Someone may ask a question WHY? and the replied was that she did not share the COW and RICE the Governor gave to Students as a Christmas Gift. One will say is that all!

Who told you that the Governor gave Three Cows to the Students and 20 bags of Rising? You said Source. (Speculations)

Comrade Clifford how sudden you start having mentors all around the state and who were you before now?

I’m away you serve as the Director of Sport in the Lead Administration of these same Aquila when she was the NANS JCC chair Person.

Today you’re biting the same Finger that feeds you because of Greed and selfishness.

I was waiting for these days to tell you the truth that people need to hear and equally ask this question, after your fight against Aquila from the Beginning of your Tenure to the End, what have you gained?

The world is a very small place Akparawa Clifford rise to the faith that power can never be achieved through the fight and destroying of other person Characters because of Kobo and wearing Starch Shirts in the Street Of Uyo.

You are old enough to advice yourself.

Respect Leadership if you want to be one, for God alone ordain Leaders.

I’m Inimfon Usoro a public Affairs analyst.

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