Happy month messages to my brother

Last updated on December 18th, 2018 at 07:12 pm

Happy New Month Messages and Wishes To Your Brother

A new month is an opportunity to remind our friends and loved ones how grateful we are to have them in our lives. Our brothers play a vital role in our lives and shouldn’t be left out. Make use of these “New month messages for my brother to appreciate his presence in your life.

Happy new month brother

You taught me to be strong and independent, you made my peers envious of me, thank u for making me the unique person l am today. Happy new month brother!

You always stood by me even when l was at fault..there is no bond greater than the one binding us. Happy new month my brother!

We do everything together and that has really been helpful in building my team spirit…You are the best. Happy new month brother!

You interceded for me during times of trouble, you will rather get punished for the offence l committed than watch me cry..what a brother you are. Happy new month brother!

Warm New Month Messages And Wishes To Your Sister!

Thanks for all the advice and brotherly love you extended to me… Nothing can make me stop troubling you, not even your wife..much love bro. Happy new month brother!

Whenever l am with you l feel very safe to go about my troublesome lifestyle..you are always there to save the day when l am in danger. Happy new month my brother

Whenever l feel depressed, l run to you for joy and you make me smile all day..this our love is everlasting bro. Happy new month brother!

The difference between you and l is our gender…aside that, nothing in this world can distinguish us…we are inseparable. Happy new month bro

People say love is blind but when l look at you,l see a burning love on your troublesome face..l promise to keep that fire blazing. Happy new month bro

I like you particularly for the fact that you are my brother..you have been supportive in a countless number of ways..l am grateful. Happy new month bro!

Its easier to starve than stay a day without talking to you… Without you life would have been so boring…l love you helplessly. Happy new month bro

Having a brother like you wasn’t a mistake, you are special in your own way and only you can manage to keep me going..l don’t know how u do it but l love it. Happy new month bro

Whenever lam nervous u pull me together.. When am stuck in the dark you come for me, what on earth could l have done without u. Happy new month bro!

I build confidence in your words,l find comfort in your presence… Dear brother, you are one of a kind. Happy new month brother!

Standing tall has been made possible by you, you taught me how to accept defeat in order to be a conquerer someday thank you and Happy new month my bro

We both got a vision that no one else can see..people may lose confidence in you but even if l don’t know where the road leads,l will always follow your inscription. Happy new month bro!

You give me reasons to hold on..you teach me what my tutors never mentioned… You added your knowledge to the little l have. Happy new month my bro!

I have no reason whatsoever not to appreciate you for everything you have done for me if your advice and counselling were to be paid for would have been a lifetime debtor. Happy new month bro!

I Am thankful to God for making you my brother, you portray a character worthy of emulation. Happy new month brother!

You are a blessing to me and the entire family… It’s a good thing to have you as my brother, you have made everyone proud..l am happy to have you as my brother. Happy new month my brother!

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