Happy new month messages to My Boyfriend

Helping your relationship grow is Paramount..if you want to appreciate your man as well as let him know you care about him, try these New month messages for boyfriend and watch your dream come true.

Happy new month Boyfriend

If l didn’t meet you, l wouldn’t have known there is a man that loves a woman in a thousand ways. Happy new month boyfriend!

You brought sunshine into my life, you light up my world and make it a Paradise, am happy l met you. Happy new month boyfriend!

If l am to describe you in one word, it will be “perfect
You have you have provided all l needed and more, just can’t stop loving you. Happy new month boyfriend!

You take care of me like your sister, no wonder my parents are solidly behind our relationship knowing lam safe with you. Thanks, horney. Happy new month boyfriend!

Our friendship might not attain international recognition but in my heart, it means everything to me. Happy new month my boyfriend!

I love you not just because you love me, but because l can’t do without you, you are my everything. Happy new month my boyfriend!

You have been a worthy partner, having you in my life has made life more meaningful, l love you. Happy new month my boyfriend!

Best Collection of New Month Messages for Everyone

I couldn’t have said NO to you, even if l wanted to, my heart would have disagreed coz the first-day l met you, you won my heart all to yourself. Happy new month my boyfriend!

It’s difficult to stay a day without thinking about you, the thought of you makes my day reflect like a diamond. Happy new month love!

I have met numerous people in my life but none can be compared to you, you just fit into my life as a perfect half…Happy new month boyfriend!

I would gladly do anything to prove my love for you, loving you till eternity and beyond is my aspiration…Happy new month my boyfriend!

If l am to make a wish that will come to pass, I’d wish for you and l to be stuck together in love till we grow old. Happy new month boyfriend!

“The memory of our love still remains fresh, if l could turn back the hands of time, l would still want to have you in my life. Happy new month my boyfriend!”

No one has the key to my heart, but you come real close that’s why l gave you the spare…Happy new month my boyfriend!

I think you were specifically created for me, everything you do and say works in line with my principles.. We are compatible with together…Happy new month boyfriend!

You came into my life when l almost gave up and restored hope to me, you walked in when everyone else took their leave, what on earth could l have done without you..l love you. Happy new month my boyfriend!

They say real guys are not perfect and perfect guys aren’t real but you are 100% real and not far from perfection..l love you wholeheartedly. Happy new month my boyfriend!

New month Messages For Girlfriend

Every day with you is a new adventure, by your side is where l ought to me when wrapped around your arms,l know I’m home..l will never leave your side…Happy new month boyfriend!

I used to think nothing is worth dying for, but when l think of our love, l am ready to die a thousand times for the love to live…thank God for sending you my way. Happy new month dearie!

I just want you to know that you are my man, and l am all yours, nothing is more important than the love we share,l will love you till the end of time. Happy new month my boyfriend!

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