Happy New Month Messages For Your Pastor

Send New Month Messages and Wishes for your Pastor!

It’s an indisputable fact that our pastors, priests, and clergymen, however way we might choose to address them, are our spiritual heads and leaders from God to the church. They deserve a token of love and gratitude from us. And one way we can express this love is by presenting gifts to them. In a case that you don’t have a gift to present, sending them a happy new month wishes could let them know you really care as much as they care about you.

I want to send Happy new month messages to my pastor, Reverend, Pop, Deaconess etc. Find below the best collection of Happy new month messages you can send to your pastor.

This “appreciation messages” for a new month can go a long way in putting smiles on their face.

happy new month my pastor
Happy New Month Pastor!

You are a priest like Melchizedek of old..may God grant you more wisdom. Happy new month sir!

Before God sent His comforter, You stood by me, When the comforter came, you stood on the comforter’s behalf. Happy New month sir!

Gods love for man keeps us alive, but your inspirational sermons keep us growing in faith. Have a blessed new month!

Like a good Shepherd, you have guided our paths to righteousness, Like a spiritual head, you have directed our paths. Happy new month sir!

I am delighted to have you as a spiritual mediator, You presents my difficulties to God and you intercede for me at all time. Happy new month my Pastor!

I may not see God but l see the manifestation of His glory through you. Happy new month pastor!

Words aren’t enough to thank you for being a great teacher, Happy New Month My Pastor and Teacher!

Learning about God has been an interesting experience for you. Happy new month!

Happy New Month Messages For Everyone!

If the whole world could see how hard you try to transform the world into a Paradise, you would have been named a superhero. Happy new month!

You forgive us whenever we are guilty, you love us, even more, when we tend to go astray, you are Godsend. Happy new month sir!

You keep your problems aside and pray for the well being of the world, thank you for being a selfless leader. Happy new month!

You show us exemplifiable love and care, you are a true spiritual head. Happy new month pastor!

we highly appreciate your selfless sacrifice and dedication toward the growth of the church…Heaven has a special place for you. Happy new month pastor!

You are an epitome of kindness, a grand patron of peace, thank you for your inexorable love for the church. Happy new month Sir!

You constantly remind us of God, you bring us closer to Him, you made the church an earthly Paradise. Happy new month sir!

Happy New Month Message For Your Daughter

But for you, our souls would have been indebted to sin, you brought redemption to us through prayers and made us the friends of God. Happy new month!

We can be called God’s children because you keep reminding us that we were made after his likeness. Happy new month pastor!

When we fall in faith, you stretch forth a helping hand and pull us up, when we fall short in believe, you share your beliefs with us. Happy new month!

You teach us the ways of God not the ways of our ancestors, you liberated us from the clutches of sin. Happy new month pastor!

A word from you is enough consolation, just like a prayer from you is enough intercession. Happy new month Sir!

Whenever we think of giving up, you step in and give us a reason to carry on. Happy new month pastor!

Having you is a blessing to this generation, you might not be a superstar but l believe you can change the world with your prayers. Happy new month pastor!

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