Happy New Month Messages For Your Daughter

Daughters are more or less like the mother in every home, if you are blessed with a daughter and you want to appreciate her presence in your life then you have certainly come to the right place as these New month messages for daughter will certainly pass your message across to her…

Happy new month daughter

From the little girl you used to be, you have grown into a decent woman worthy of emulation… Am so proud of you my dear. Happy new month daughter!

Nothing makes me happier than watching you grow responsibly and seeing how successful you have become, mama loves you. Happy new month daughter!

You are the pride of my life and l am happy l gave birth to you, indeed you make me proud. Happy new month daughter!

A daughter like you is a rare gem, at least my labour wasn’t for nothing. Happy new month daughter!

You handle things so well that most times l feel you are the only woman of the house, you have been so outstanding. Happy new month daughter!

New Month Messages For My Son!

I might not say it often but l appreciate your presence and contributions at home… Keep it up. happy new month my daughter!

You have been closer to me than any other, and l am also happy you gave me the chance to teach you the things you know now. Happy new month daughter!

Send New Month Wishes To Love Ones

You have been my greatest companion when you are not around, the workload is just unbearable. Happy new month daughter!

You are always there to listen to me when l need someone to talk to, you are like the sister l never had. Happy new month my daughter!

Even in my next life,l will still want to give birth to someone like you, you make the motherly role quite easy for me to play. Happy new month daughter!

Those who are yet to become mothers can’t wait to have a daughter that is as good as you..because of you, l am an outstanding mother. Happy new month daughter!

You are always available whenever l need you, you never hesitate to answer me when l call…Happy new month my daughter!

As your mother, my dream is to watch you turn into a better mother than l am someday…l have confidence in you. Happy new month daughter!

My pretty damsel, you will always be my biggest and greatest love, you are a perfect daughter and l will never stop loving you. Happy new month my daughter!

I offer my hand for you to reach out in time of trouble when you are worried speak to me regardless of my absence, my loving heart is always with u. Happy new month my daughter

The day l gave birth to you, all my prayers were answered, nothing gladdens my heart than seeing my daughter grow into a perfect lady. Happy new month dear

I love you, my child, no matter the hurdles of life,l will always love you and nothing can get in my way. Happy new month my daughter!

There is no bigger blessing than having a daughter like you, you were blessed right from inception and you have been a blessing to us all. Happy new month my daughter!

It’s my job to ensure that you are loved, respected and taken care of, this and many more, l will do for your sake. Happy new month daughter!

I will always offer you guidance and love no matter the odds..loving you gives me joy, you are my source of happiness. Happy new month my daughter!

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