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Every new month is another opportunity to revive that state of happiness between you and your lovers, friends, and families. Composing a sweet and inspiring happy new month messages to send to your friends could be difficult at times.

In other to make things easy for you, we have carefully collected cool and exciting happy new month messages, text, wishes, quotes and images for you. You can Just highlight/copy it to your messenger and send it to your friends, families and loved ones.

Sending a sweet happy new month messages, wishes, texts, SMS, quotes, flowers and images to your lovers, friends, and families can work wonders in your relationship with them in ways you could not ever imagine. Below are the sweetest and inspiring happy new month messages and wishes you can send to your friends and lovers.

Hello, March  2018 be kind to us!

new month quote

Happy new month March 2018


The month of March will never march you and your family. Happy new month of March.


As we says goodbye to the old year

and welcome the new year

I wish you and your family

A happy new month & year


May this new month bring you

new blessings from God.

May new things takes

place in your life.

Happy new month.


In this new month, here are my

wishes for you; divine breakthrough

Good health + Happiness + Celebrations

God’s loves + God’s protections + care Amen.

Happy new month to you!


May all those that forget you in the previous month,  remember you in this new month. I wish you the best month ever.


The new month is here again I thank God

for keeping us until this day My prayer for

this new month is May he continue to

keep and uphold you.

Happy new month dear.


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When I look at how short we have travel

so far this year, I cannot count the numbers

of great things we have achieved together

within this short interval of time In this new

month of November, we shall achieve

even greater things together

Happy new month wishes to you!


As the light shines in the darkness and

the darkness cannot comprehend it,

So shall you shine in the midst of your

enemies in this new month

Have a happy new month.


Now you’ve kiss the sweet lips of October

Lick its milk and feeds of its honey

Upon the table prepared in the

present of your enemy. Now

your days in this month will be

feel with goodness, grace and mercy.

Happy new month.


With you dear, it a little of test of Paradise

on the earth It’s a reflection of an angel

among men It’s a continues feeling of

excitement For this reasons may bring

wishes best befitting you.

Happy new month.


Today is a new day in a new month

May everything that was old in your life

becomes new Wishing you a successful

Happy new month sweetheart.


As you see dis New month, may God

release fresh grace that will eliminate

shame, disgrace & stagnation in your life.

God will grant you sound revelation of

your peculiarities and a uniqueness that will

make you outstanding among your peers

Happy New month


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Thou shall also be a crown of glory in the

hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the

hand of thy God”. I command change in all

unprofitable situation in your life in Jesus name.

Heavenly father, will bear you up on eagle’s

wings before your enemies, your years shall not be

in Struggle but in prosperity in Jesus name.

I claim divine favour for you in all areas of your life

in Jesus Mighty name. Amen. Good morning and

happy new month My dear friend


People will hate you, rate you,

shake you, But how strong you

stand is what make you.

Happy new month Friend.


May this new month bring you happiness

and peace May this new month be the beginning

of new things in your life May you achieved all your

heart desired. Happy new month bestie.


Happy new month quote

Happy new month quotes


When I playback in my mind the time

we’ve spent together I begin to wonder

how life would have been without you

You are the best thing that I can ever

think of. Happy new month Mum.


Happy new month to you, May all your plans be

fulfilled in Jesus Name Amen. Wish you good

health and better standing with God. May the

countenance of the Lord go before and after

you today. And may He make your life a display

point of His Glory; Amen. Do have a favored day

today. Happy new month love.


Happy New month! I wish you God’s best

in this last month of the first half of this year.

Get set, God is about unleashing great

blessings to all. You and I will not miss out.

Welcome to the month of January.


The greatest gift of life is the gift of true

friendship and love. A month with true

friendship and love is all I wish you.

Because only true friends can

breed true love. Happy new

month and God bless you.


Stars don’t struggle to shine, rivers

don’t struggle to flow, Trust in d Lord

with all ur heart Neva rely on something

u think you know Speak with faith and it

shall come  to pass Because you are a Son

of divine nature God is writing a perfect

testimony for u dis month

Happy new month dear.


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God will water your ground. Your trees would

bear their fruits bountifully. There shall not be

scarcity of good things in your life. I pray that

the Lord God Almighty will feed and satisfy you

and your family with the goodness of the land

in Jesus name, This is your month of mercy

and favour, you are blessed.


Happy New Month. In this new month

of  February 2018, May all of your

previous failures turn into greater

success. You’re blessed.

Happy new month.


Forget about the bad moments of last month

Enter into the Excitement of this new month

Enjoy the gift of life from God and expect

better days ahead Happy new Month


Happy new month dear, may the Lord reward

all your labour this month with favor and when

men shall say there is a casting down you shall

say there is a lifting up; Amen! Once again,

happy new month of great elevation.


Welcome to the month of January 2018

I decree and declare a new level of success,

promotion, and prosperity over your career,

your work, your business, your finances, your

relationship, and family. Your heavens will be

open and hindrances shall give way.

Happy new month.


May the God of Grace give you the power

to overcome disgrace. May the floodgates

of heaven open for you today. May you

experience positive changes in all aspect

of your life. Happy new month.


My wishes for you!!! May this month keep

you healthy, May you achieve all of your

daily targets; May you remain happy and

whole; May this month be better than all

of the previous months of this year.

Happy New Month of January to you

From all us at…..


In this new month, You shall succeed

where others fail, where there’s a

casting down, there will be a

lifting up for you and your family.

Wishing you a fruitful new month.


Look forward to the new month with

new habits. Let your mind be renewed

so that new things can take place

and old things can vacate.

Happy new month Boss.


Today been the first day in the month of November,

I pray God to open his heavenly window of

blessings and showers his blessings in

abundance for you and your family.

Happy new month.


A new day has come. A day which the

LORD has made it shall be wonderful

and Marvelous in our eyes.

Happy new month January.


happy new month friend

Happy New Month January 2018


Life is very short. Enjoy and have fun. Forgive your friends.

Love from the heart. Do whatever makes you smile.

Do whatever makes you smile. Enjoy New Month

and be cool. This month, make a plan to spend

quality time with your loved ones and with me.

My wish for you is that you have a warm, sweet

and happy new month.


It’s fresh, It’s exciting, It’s unique,

May this month Up your dreams

to the top of your destinations.

Happy new month to you.


To find what you are looking for on the road of life,

The best adage of all is that which says:

“Let it not stone”. Happy New MONTH.”

May your days be painted in gold.

Your life filled with diamonds.


May the stars illuminate your world.

May you have a month full of fun.

May the new month bring you all

the good tidings of life.

Happy new month.


Happy new month wishes from us!

May these days not be wasted,

every second count and do not

let anyone make you negative or

unhappy because, as they say,

“Happiness is the only thing

worth fighting for in your life!

Happy new month.


As this new month kick starts today,

Here are what I wish you: May this

month keep you healthy, May you

achieve all your daily targets; May

you remain happy and whole;

May this month be better than

all previous months of this year!

Happy new month to you.


happy new month flowers

Happy new Month Flower


Always remember to never forget and never

forget to remember that your resolve to be

successful is more important than anything.

Direct your heart eyes with motivation and

enter this new month to achieve great things.

Have a splendid new month my friend


Open ur Mind 2 Possibilities You

will be amazed at what you are able

to achieve. We are powerful beyond

measure. May Almighty God balance

the equation  4 U this new month.

May Almighty God balance the

equation 4 U this new month.

Happy New Month.


May new month becomes one of the

Most Blessed and happy months to you

to you In this beautiful month, May it light

up every dark corner of our heart, May all

our prejudices against each other disappear,

May God give us the strength to follow

His orders, May peace transcend the earth.

to follow His orders, May peace transcend the earth.


happy new month messages

happy new month Image


You can not control the weather in this variable

and temperamental month, but you can your emotions.

Start a new month with good humor and inspiration and

you will see how it will influence your inner peace and harmony.

A Happy new month!


It is never too late to start running in

the morning to find a new job, to fall

in love – that is, to change something

in your life and open up new opportunities.

This wonderful month is also a great

chance for any venture. Happy new month!


Whether it’s a rainy November or hot July,

may this month be special and memorable.

Let every minute of it be filled with pleasant

expectations of admiration and joy.

A Happy new month Sweet!


Happy new month

Happy New Month Image


As the Leave that is planted at

the riverside greenish, So shall

your business flourish

in  this new Month

Happy new month


I pray God to hide you under

his canopy And let not the

enemies see your footprint.

Happy new month to you dear.


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This is the first day of the month

where good things and bad

things are flying in the air

May only good things find

their way to your bosom.

Happy new month dearie!.


Say hello to January 2018!

As you get into this

ember month,  I  wish

you success, good health

and God’s divine protection.

Happy ember month.


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