Happy New Month Messages To My Sister

Sisterly love is one bond we cannot be separated from..sisters makes life easy and fun, aside from being our chat mate, they also play a vital role when things don’t get right with us…

It is, therefore, necessary to tell them that we love them too. And we can achieve this by sending them these New month messages for my sister”

Happy new month sweetheart

Growing up together with you has been my best childhood experience… Whenever you are not around, l feel an emptiness in my heart..that’s because l enjoy your company. Happy new month sis!

There are sisters and there are siblings, but you are just so outstanding in all ramifications..l am thankful that you are my sister. Happy new month Dear Sister!

You might think daddy and mommy is the only person that loves you, but let me surprise you that aside mommy and daddy,l am the one who loves you most. Happy new month sis!

Playing together was what we did for fun..fighting without sustaining injuries was a bond no one could break..l love u. Happy new month sis!

We argue, we fight, but before the end of the day, we are back together with the closeness that’s stronger and firmer. Happy new month sis!

While growing up we used to compete academically..but on this present day, our competition is based on who can offer the most love. Happy new month sis!

Growing up with parents as strict as our’s wasn’t easy, but all thanks to you for always covering up my flaws..you are the best. Happy new month sis!

A sister like you deserves to be celebrated every day whenever l am sad, l come to you for joy, whenever lam down, you lift me up..thanks so much. Happy new month sis!

You have a way of making me happy, there is no doubt about you being my second mother, you have given me a reason to respect women. Happy new month sister!

You always encourage me to be good and obedient..l couldn’t wish for a better Councillor..all you want for me is the best and l appreciate your effort..thank you and Happy new month sister!

You are always there for me when l need someone to console me, most times l forget to pray but there is no day you exclude me in your prayers..having you as a sis is a blessing. Happy new month sister!

Words can’t express how grateful lam to you for always standing by me from inception… You are so brave and courageous and l admire your uniqueness, you occupy a special place in my heart. Happy new month sister!

The closeness we share sometimes makes me think you were supposed to be “me. Happy new month sister!

I love everything about you, starting from the fact that you are my sis down to the fact that you are irreplaceable. The happy new month my irreplaceable sis!

Every other thing can wait..but l surely can’t wait to tell you how important you are to me..without mincing words, you are indispensable. Happy new month sister!

The memory of our childhood is still fresh…am so used to being around you..l even find peace in your violence. Happy new month sister!

Whenever l remember l have a sister like you, a long-lasting smile comes to my face coz l know half of my problems are gone…you improvise everything l need. Happy new month sister!

Most times l act carefree but the truth is, you are one person l don’t joke with and l want you to know that l really care about you.., and l wouldn’t trade you for another. Happy new month sister!

To the most caring and loving sister the world can offer…to the most understanding and ever gorgeous sis. Happy new month from me to you

A sister like you is hard to come by and impossible to replace, you have been my strength and comfort, thank you for being the best sis. Happy new month dear sister!

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