Happy New Month Messages To My Wife

Keeping your marital life in check is a collective obligation but as a man, you have to push a few strings to ignite the motion…Try theseNew Month Messages for My Wife” and watch your marriage grow.

happy new month wife

My wife, my lover my everything…l am happy l have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you coz l wouldn’t survive a day without you. Happy New month my Queen!

I gave you my heart and you gave me love,l gave you a house and you gave me a home, home can never be home without you. Happy New month dear!

The first-day l saw you, l just knew you were my perfect half, you came into my life and made it whole. Happy new month Wife!

You are always there in my absence to put the family together, piloting the affairs of a family isn’t easy but when you have a supportive wife, everything becomes simple. Thanks, dear and happy new month!

Biologically, you were recombined from my DNA, theoretically, you are a bone of my bones and to be realistic, l am happy to have you as a wife. Happy new month!

You brought light to my life and you have been a contributing factor to my everyday success..having you is a blessing. Happy New Month My Wife!

Who says having a good wife has nothing to do with the family structure..? Well l use mine to move mountains, do the unimaginable and perfect all imperfections. Happy new month Dear Wife!

You remain my greatest asset, every other thing in my life can depreciate but your value increases day by day. Happy new month wife!

I have no idea what my life would have been but for an industrious wife like u..your presence in my home has made it the best. Happy new month my wife!

If l hadn’t gotten married to you,l would have been making the greatest mistake of a lifetime, one which I’d still be regretting. Happy new month my first love!

Loving you has been my favourite hobby coz you keep giving me reasons to love you more every day. Happy new month My love!

You are just not just a wife to me, you are also the sole proprietor of my home..thank you immensely. Happy new month my wife!

Life would have been extremely boring without you..you are fun to be with and l have no regrets making you my wife. Happy new month My dear wife!

This is just one out of a thousand ways of letting you know how happy l am to have you in my life, you have been a God sent wife and l can’t help but keep loving u. Happy new month wife!

What else could l possibly ask for when l have you, you have given me everything l wanted and even more..l am happy you are my wife, thank God for the day l met you. Happy new month wife!

I feel so relaxed knowing l have a loving and caring wife..you always have a way of handling all situations, when l am away,l worry less coz l know my able wife has everything under control..thanks, sweetheart. Happy new month wife!

I am sure the day we met, the angels whispered “p.e.r.f.e.c.t”…being my wife has been a privilege… I am so honoured to be called your husband. Happy new month my lovely wife!

From the rising of the Sun to the setting…from the break of dawn to the close of dusk, my love for you is inexplicable..thank you for being the best wife. Happy new month dear!

To the prettiest Woman l have ever laid eyes on, my counsellor and joy giver, the only key to my heart I wish you a happy new month with lots of love. Happy new month dear wife!

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