Happy New Month Messages For My Mom

It has been an indisputable fact over the years that the love we have for our mothers can’t be underestimated. However, it is only mandatory to incessantly remind them of how much we love them..sending new month messages to our mom attracts blessings amongst all other benefits. So here is a little guideline on how to achieve this…

Happy new month messages

You are a mom like none other, your prayers and blessing is a contributing factor to where l am today..thank u the world’s best mom and. happy new month to you mom!

Sometimes in life l feel like giving up but when l remember l have to make you proud, l summon the courage and move on. Happy new month my dear mom!

Without you there wouldn’t have been me, you made my existence possible, l am the exact replica of you… I love you, mummy. Happy new month mom!

Happy New Month Messages for your loved ones

If l am to live again, l would still want you to be my mother…l love you mom and l wish you a happy new month mom!

Whenever l look at you mom, l see love in your eyes, a love that only you can offer, today l want you to know that l love you equally, and with a love that the only l can offer. Happy new month mom!

No one can replace your place in my heart, mom, l love you immensely, whenever l remember that l am entitled to only one mom in this world, l love you even more. Happy new month mom!

You scold me, sometimes whip me, l used to think u hate me, but when l came of age, l realized the scolds were a way of telling me you love me. I love you too mom. Have a happy new month!

I am closer to you than any other person in this world, l have no secrets when l am with you, you always have solutions to all my problems. You are my hero. Happy new month mom!

Life just gets better with you, mom, the mere fact that you are my mom has given me a lifetime assurance… I love you, mom. Happy new month!

When people say l am beautiful, when people say l am handsome, my reply is always “thank my mom”…Thank you, mom, lam ‘me because of ‘you. Happy new month!

Nothing can match the undiluted love you have for me, mom, l am going to make sure nothing matches the way l will take care of you…Happy new month mom!

You always think of me before yourself, you starve just to ensure l eat well, you have given me reasons to love you till eternity and beyond. Happy new month mom!

I still remember sleeping in your arms, that’s the most comfortable place in this world..thank you, mom, for everything. Happy new month!

New Month Messages To My Father 

What more can l ask for, you have been ma strength, my light, my comfort, my everything, l wouldn’t trade you for anything in this world, above, and beneath. Happy new month mom!

I love seeing you laugh and watching you smile, it makes me happy, and l shall do anything to conserve those smiles on your face. Happy new month!

When l remember growing up in your arms,l feel like going back to the start of time,l miss your cuddles mom…But l love you the more. Happy new month mummy!

You have been a great inspiration altogether, you tell me what’s wrong from whatever l do right, you strive hard to make me a better person, l really appreciate you, mom. Happy new month mom!

When things are good you stand by me, at difficult times, you prayed for me…What on earth would l have done without your inexorable support… I love you, mom. Happy new month mummy!

Mom, you have done great, thank you for making me who l am, thank you for the support thank you for being my mom.

When moms were made, l was given the best..l am so proud of having you, mom. Happy new month mom!

You are the best mummy in the world. In next life, I will still choose to be born by you. Happy new month mom!

Your joy and happiness in this new month will know no boundaries. Happy New Month my beautiful mum. I cherish you forever.

Your motherly love and care always make it seems like I’m the luckiest person in this world. I wish you a Happy new month mum.!

It’s a start of a new era and I wish you all that is good in life this month and always. Happy New Month to you, my sweet mum.

Every evil weapon against your life shall not succeed. You shall live to reap the fruits of your labour. Happy new month mum!

You asked for Peace, but Joy is coming along. You wished for prosperity but sound health is here with it. You thirsted for love but here I am. Happy new month Mum.

I pray God to keep you safe from your enemies. May all those who don’t want your progress in life be put to shame Amen. Happy new month mom!

If I’ll be asked to describe your worth this month, I’ll simply say, Incalculable. Happy new month Sweet mother!.

Just like precious stones, you will always and forever be valued. I cherish you always. Happy New Month my sweet mum.

Mom, I want you to know that we love you and we wish you a healthy new month. Happy new month to you dear mom.!

Just as the ocean is made of billions of drops, our life consists of minutes, hours, days and months. Sometimes every single thing is necessary. Don’t neglect your time and have an incredible new month mum!

I have never seen any mom as caring as you, as loving as you, you’re my best any day anytime. Happy new month to the best mom.!

You know what awaits you, mum? A month of laughter, joy unspeakable and merriment awaits you. Happy New Month my sweet mum.

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