How To Cram For Any Exams And Remember Everything

In my own opinion, nothing empowers like knowledge. Information is both the gateway for every student’s advancement and the cure for all his frustrations. Information is the key factor to any student’s success in exams. You cannot fail with facts. Every candidate writes things down in the examination hall, but only those who have the facts get the marks.

how to cram

For those who would love to have “busty” CGPA’s, this is the time to make the most of it.You have all you need to succeed, study to show yourself approved.

If you can’t grab when you study cram this thing..your brain won’t get injured. Note… “study + cram = perfection”

The Beauty of Preparation

Pursuing your purpose can be likened to building a tower.If you are out to build a tower, you need to first sit down and ensure that you are well-equipped for the task. No matter what your goal is, whatever your purpose in life may be, it will require your personal preparation to ensure a speedy actualization.

Every exam calls for a non-negotiable commitment to the art of preparation. Outstanding performance in the future is a product of qualitative preparation today

What Preparation Entails


It defines the required actions to be executed. Firstly, make sure you have the complete lecture note. This is vital because in most cases that’s certainly where the exam questions will be set from. It might be handwritten by you or given out to you by the lecturer in any form.

Secondly, attending all the lectures gives you an upper hand since you’ll be able to figure out the key chapters and topics stressed out by the lecturer. Thus, the problem of finding ” where to concentrate ” is solved simultaneously.


It simply schedules the actions, it is essentially about timing the required action toward accomplishing the set goal. Time is of the essence in the successful pursuit of any vision, as there is time to plant, and a time to reap. God makes all things beautiful in His time.

Seeking For Necessary Helps

This can be divided into two main areas. Firstly, looking out for resource materials where relevant facts can be gathered that can be integrated into the planning process. Secondly, seeking help from above through prayers.

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How To Execute the Cramming Code

Locate a quiet place

This could be the library or preferably your room. Separating yourself from frequent conversations and distractions from family, friends and yourself!. Yes yourself, have you noticed that during study hours, looking at the wall of your room becomes really interesting than the book you were bending over?. It’s quite funny, avoid those distractions. Develop good studying habits like not texting frequently or watching movies because it retards your progress and focus.

Peak time

You should know the quarter of the day that enhances your optimum assimilation and comprehension of what you study.

Photographic Memory

This is the part I enjoy most. It’s like cheating in a legal way. I remember one exam paper I wrote, I could actually see the pages virtually vivid in my head. I could flip through pages in my head and everything was mentally clear. Isn’t that wonderful? it sure is!.

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Now, how did I achieve this?. This is mere “robotism”. To cram means to prepare hastily for an examination, in this case, you have to use your time wisely and effectively. Fortunately, it’s an added advantage if time is on your side. This process takes time, I must admit.

Detailed Cramming Procedure

Study the notes

Study the lecture notes you have effectively. Depending on your I.Q, you should set up a time frame just right for you to finish up maybe a page for a start. It is certain that your I.Q will get better the more you study hence, time usage will be more efficient. You can study in patches to ease remembrance.

Testing Yourself

Get rid of your lecture notes by closing it. Get yourself another notebook that is thicker than your lecture note with respect to pages. For in this book, you’ll orderly write down what you’ve studied so far without looking at the lecture notes. This calls for discipline.

Evaluating Yourself

Now, compare what you’ve written so far with the originals in the lecture note. Evaluate yourself, see if you nailed it. Repeat this process for an uncountable number of times until you hit the target.

Once you’ve gotten it, exercise yourself by replicating it over and over again. Repeat this procedure for the remaining pages. Timing is key!. By so doing, the information will be move from your conscious brain into your subconscious mind such that even if you are intimidated in the examination hall, you will still remember it.

I wish you all the best!.

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