How to Pass 2018/2019 Post UTME Test With Ease

Do you really want to pass 2018/2019 Post UTME test without much Stress?. Then we advise you take what this page is about to reveal to you very serious.

Post UTME test

Passing 2018/2019 Post UTME Test of the school you applied for is not difficult as you might be thinking – don’t feel intimidated. Passing the Post UTME test of any higher institution depends on getting the right information on time and acting effectively on the information you obtain.

Take for instance you’re to write a test and you were not in the class when your tutor announced it and gave an area of concentration. Then you ask your colleague on the area of concentration in which the tutor says he’s going to set questions from. Now if this your colleague provide you with the wrong topics (Area of concentration) and you go back to study it and on getting to the test hall you realized that your tutor did not set questions from all the topics you studied. Be truthful to yourself;

How would you perform in such test?

Would you be able to pass the test well as much as you prepared for it…?

Off course you wouldn’t because you were wrongly informed. That is why I said for you to pass your school post UTME Test you need the right information. This page would try as much as possible to enlighten you on the things you needs to do so that you can pass your school Post UTME test with ease.

How to Pass 2018/2019 Post UTME Test of your School

In any test or examination proper preparation is the key to pass it with ease. We have listed out important points in which if you take it into practice, you will be able to pass 2018/2019 Post UTME Test of your school.

1. Determined That You Must Pass

No one ever wake up from his or her bed and get into a POST UTME test hall and perform very well. It takes Proper preparation and serious determination to actually pass well. Like I always say, it is your hunger that determines your hangout. Before anything happens to you, it first happens in you.

Be motivated to pass your Post UTME Examination. And for you to achieve that, you need to continually prepared yourself because if you don’t continually get yourself and your mind prepared to pass this 2018/2019 POST UTME Test, there is nothing someone else can do to prepare you.

Don’t take what comes, go for what you want. Desire a Post UTME score and work towards making it a reality. Always tell yourself, “I must pass this Post UTME Examination once and for all”.

Now that you have made this confession to pass Post UTME Examination, always think about Post UTME Exam, make plans towards your Post UTME Exam date and finally, spend quality time to study for your Post UTME. You will be home and dry with the three steps above. Read: How to Prepare for any Examination.

2. Forget About Your Jamb Score

Your Jamb Score might help you and may also not help you. If you score high in your Jamb 2018 Result, don’t relaxed and feel that you will be considered for admission because of your Jamb score because if the school you applied for conducts Post UTME Test you will still be denied admission even with your high Jamb score if you don’t perform well in the Post UTME Test. In the same way, if you score low in your Jamb Result, you don’t need to relax so far as your Jamb score is up-to the school Cut off marks for screening test. Instead, you need to prepare even more effectively so as to have a high Post UTME test score that will guarantee you admission.

However, you need to develop a positive attitude toward your Post UTME irrespective of your Jamb score. Always strive to pass Post UTME Examination irrespective of what you think you scored in Jamb.

Post UTME is a very important factor that determines who gains admission. Even if you scored low in Jamb, you still have a golden opportunity to study your desired course in the University.

A very high Post UTME score can help boost your Jamb result.

One of the greatest mistakes candidates make in Post UTME is thinking that their high Jamb score is enough. Don’t be deceived… no matter how high your Jamb score may be, a low Post UTME Score will disgrace it. Be warned! See List of schools that accept second choice candidates for admission.

3. Revive Your Reading Appetite

It is normal for you to lose reading appetite after reading to pass Jamb plus the circumstances that follow Jamb UTME.

But since there is no excuse for failure, then you need to stop anything that has the potential to stop your success. You can always revive your dying appetite for reading. Read to pass Post UTME Examination. An athlete never get tired until its final destination. Your Final destination is to see your name in your school list in the course you applied for. So keep on reading till you achieved it and never stop reading…

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Later things… Things is the language of procrastinators. They always think there is time. My dear, do whatever you need to do now. Time is an asset and not a handset.

The later you always say doesn’t come as expected. Learn to live your life with the sense of urgency. Have the mentality, “I am behind scheduled. Your post UTME Examination is not far. Say no to procrastination. Do the needful and do it on time.

5. Study For Longer Hours

Studying for less than five hours daily is okay for you as a secondary school student. But the demand on you get’s higher with time.

Effective studying is a function of time. You may not be fast enough to change time but you can be fast enough to maximise your time. Increase the number of hours you study your books for your Post UTME Test daily.

Now, you may be wondering about how to study for long hours. It is very easy. Check out this article on how to study for long hours without losing concentration. Trust me, it’s going to be of great benefit to you.

6. Learn To Remember

To pass Post UTME once and for all, you must learn to remember what you study. It is not just enough to read. It is more important to remember what you have read.

The difference between someone who reads for shorter hours but pass very well and another who studies for long hours but don’t perform well is “remembrance”.

Study to remember and not to forget. If you can remember all you have read, then success will smile on you. Do whatever will make you pass Post UTME Examination genuinely. Read: How to always remember what you read.

7. Learn The Jarking Styles That Pay

I know that you want to gain admission into the University of your choice to study your desired course. I wish you what you wish yourself. But one thing should always be in your mind, “to survive in the University, you must Jark”.

Reading is good but jarking pays. And in the world of Jarking, there are different styles to adopt so as to be successful when the Post UTME results are released. Learn the different Jarking style that is available and stick to the one that you’re convenient with.

8. Practice With Past Questions

This point is very important. To past any university post UTME screening test very well, you need to practice their past question paper to understand how they normally sets their questions. For Example UNILAG usually set questions from three subjects in their Post UTME Test which are English, Mathematics and General Paper (Current Affairs). Now if you don’t get to know about this on time and defined your area of concentration how would you pass well?. Past questions are the picture of your future questions. Learn to practice past questions.

You might be asking how can I get Post UTME past questions for my University of choice? It is very easy. Post UTME past questions are solve in bookshops around Universities and various lecture houses.

9. Test Yourself

It is not enough to keep reading. Try to always test yourself to know your level of preparedness.

There are many ways you can test yourself; they included practising past questions without looking at the answers and setting custom exams for yourself. You can as well test yourself online quiz session.

10. You Need More Speed

The greatest demand right now in Post UTME is time. If you are not fast enough, then you won’t finish enough. You need to dramatically improve your exam answering skills. Do you want to learn how to answer questions faster in the exam hall? then practice online quiz.

11. Learn To Cram Effectively

Your dad said you should not cram and you are still confused whether to cram or not? Hear this, there are times when you need to cram.

Do you want to learn the proper ways to cram and never forget what you cram no matter what. Then read this practical article on how to cram.

12. Learn To Solve Without Calculator

I know you cannot give me the correct answer to 2/3 right now without calculator. I can see that you are trying to get the answer… lol.

Most schools do not allow the use of calculator in their Post UTME Examination. Therefore, you must learn to solve problems without pressing your calculator. It is time to temporarily break the covenant you have with calculator. Next time you’re solving that mathematics question, put aside your calculator and use your brain to calculate the answer.

13. Learn To Do Night Reading

So many candidates make the statement, “I don’t know how to read at night”. My dear, it is time to know how to read at night.

You must learn how to handle your night. The day is usually not enough to do everything you should. The night is a golden opportunity for you to capture your future and acquire your desire.

14. Attend Lecture Houses

Attending lectures is very helpful. If you find it difficult to be self taught then consider attending a good lecture house close to you. There are too many extra classes out there, go find the one that will help you be serious with your Post UTME test preparations.

15. Love Your Subjects

I don’t like mathematics. This is the complain of many students.

It is true that everyone has areas of weakness. However, it is also true that weaknesses can be handled. Handle your weakness now and pass Post UTME Examination once and for all. Read 15 Practical ways to studying hard subject.

16. Practice Post UTME Past Questions

Another amazing thing is that you can practice Post UTME Past questions online at Flashlearners Post UTME Test Practice App. Click here now to download the Post UTME app and start practicing.

We wish you success in your upcoming Post UTME Test. Don’t forget to share this information with others!

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