JAMB Change of Course & Institution Guide – 2018/19

Last updated on March 29th, 2018 at 01:38 pm

JAMB Change of Course & Institution 2018 is Ongoing. All the JAMB candidates who wish to change their institution or course can now visit the JAMB efacility website to do it.

Update: Jamb change of course and institution portal is still open to candidates who wish to change their choice of course or institution. But please do not change to an institution that has already conducted their Post UTME. I cannot tell JAMB Change of institution & course closing date right now.

This is to inform all JAMB candidates who have seen their results and want a change of course or institution that the form has been released since after JAMB 2018 results  were completely Released.

The JAMB Change of Course & Institution Procedure for 2018/2019 JAMB is what I’m gonna be talking about on this page.

Jamb change of institution

This is to inform all the JAMB candidates especially those who make a mistake when choosing the course they wanted to study or during the choice of the institution that they wanted to apply to, that it is possible for them to change to their desired institution or course.

I have received many questions about JAMB change of course and institutions from our reader quite often. Questions like;

I choose a wrong course while I was filling out my JAMB registration details, can I correct it?

When will I make a change of course or institution, is it after the JAMB registration or during registration?

Can I be able to correct any mistakes I made about my course of studies and the institution of choice?

I have a Low JAMB Score, can I change My Course or Institution?

When is JAMB change of institution closing date? 

When will JAMB change of course/institution for 2018 starts?

Now let’s answer some of the questions that were asked  about JAMB 2018/2019 change of course  and institution.


Yes. If you have made any mistake in relation to the course you wish to study, or the university or institution that you wish to study, you may be able to change or correct it to your desired course or university/institution.


Since you know that JAMB Change of course and/or institution is possible if one has made a mistake in the choice of the course or the university he/she choices, the next question is: Would I do the JAMB change of course and Institution after JAMB registration or before JAMB registration closing date?

The answer is NO. Jamb Change of the course or Institution takes place after the Released of JAMB result when all JAMB examination took place.

Candidates who wish to make a change of course or an institution should visit the nearest JAMB registration center (JAMB CBT Centres) and confirm whether it has begun.


YES! If you score low in your JAMB result after checking it, You can Change your course or institution. But before you do it, ensure to find out more about the course or institution you want to change to.

Like if the JAMB Score you have will be able to give you admission into that course or institution.

How much IS JAMB 2018/19 Change of course and institution Form

Candidates who want to make a JAMB change of course or institution/university must note that there is a price tag.

JAMB change of Course/Institution is one time N2,500 for all correction.

So candidates who want to make a change of course or institution should expect the amount to be around N2,500.

How to do JAMB change of course/institution 2018/2019

  • Login to your JAMB PROFILE via www.jamb.org.ng/efacility
  • On your JAMB candidates dashboard
  • Hit the top right-hand corner if you’re using a mobile phone and lists of services will appear
  • Scroll down to Registration and click on it, two drops down menu appear with one UTME EXAMINATION and the other UTME DATA CORRECTION.
  • A transaction ID will be generated for you at the next page.
  • Cross checks to be sure that the information is correct.
  • Click on Print out the transaction slip and take it to the bank to pay if you want to pay through bank payment else Click on continue to pay to pay online.
  • After you have completed your payment, head over to any CBT CENTER closer to you to complete your JAMB change of course/institution of choice 2017.

Note: JAMB change of course or institution can only be done at an accreditated CBT Centre.

Wait! What if I show you how to do it without going to a CBT center or bank?

Here is how to do JAMB change of course and Institution yourself without going to a CBT center or bank:

  • Login www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/login
  • Enter your registered email & Password and login
  • On your JAMB Profile at the left side bar, Look for where you see APPLICATION FOR CORRECTION OF DATA and click on it.
  • Choose Institution/Course
  • A transaction ID will be generated for you with an option to either pay in the Bank or Continue to make Payment online
  • Click on continue to Pay Online Via Remita
  • Fill in your Card details
  • Complete the Payment and return to the site to complete your changes.

Please note this; JAMB change of Course & Institution can Only be done twice. So ensure not to make any mistake while doing your JAMB change of course and institution.

If you make any mistake and want to make the changes again, you will be charge another N2,500

For more details about correcting errors on JAMB, click here.

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