Online Colleges To Study For MBA Program

Online colleges are colleges that students undergo studies such as Undergraduate programs, Postgraduate studies and even professional certification(s) where ever they are with the help of internet.

Online MBA

Online colleges have made it easier for people to pursue a degree in MBA right in their comfort zones. Master of Business Administration prepares students and professionals to become leaders in many areas of business. Most MBA candidates have various backgrounds such as engineering, business, Arts and humanities, and Psychology etc. Depending on their areas of interests and career goals.

Online colleges offer many of the MBA degrees, With different program offering a variety of business-related fields, Human relation, finance, and marketing, the online colleges give students the flexible time they need to build a career. In the past 12 years, many of the world’s best business programs have been finding their feet to trends in digital education to provide diverse student population all over the world.

Criteria For Choosing Online Colleges For MBA Program

The range of distance learning college provided by many online colleges worldwide can be overwhelming, making the task of distance learners quite demanding when it comes to choosing the right online colleges for MBA. As distance learning is constantly gaining popularity, the number of online colleges and online degrees is increasing steadily.

1. Accreditation of online programs and online colleges

It is very important to carry out research on various online colleges and programs that you want to embark on for your distance learning program. Only accredited and nationally recognized online learning programs can lead to an academic proficient degree. Most online colleges will post info as regards accreditation on their website, so a simple check can give you adequate and valuable information.

2. Learning flexibility

When deciding on an online learning program, various questions should come to your mind. Does the college have a stable semester schedule or can you attend classes at your own convenient time? How often does the college have an onsite presence and are they fixed or flexible? Some online colleges offer several dates and locations which are mandatory onsite meetings so that you can decide on the ones that are most appropriate for you.

3. The Tuition fee

The fee should be something you will be able to afford that won’t affect your income. You should also have in mind that there will be an additional cost for study material, travelling and accommodation cost for meetings on site. Many online colleges offer appropriate financing opportunities, so take these into account when deciding on the right online colleges for your MBA.

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4. Student support services

The value of personal support is a very important reason when selecting a distance learning program, and often, it is only the most that influence the success or failure of your studies. Regarding student support services, you may want to consider things like:

  • Is it easy to organize flexible personal schedules if needed?
  • Is there individual support for the exercises and throughout the exam preparation?
  • Are questions answered instantaneously or do you have to wait for several days to give your answer?

5. Reading materials and digital learning environment

For online learning, the quality of the reading material and the digital learning atmosphere are even more imperative than for conventional studies. An interesting learning environment with various and interactive tasks, videotape, exercises etc. can develop your study success geometrically.

Importance of online colleges for MBA

1. Geographical flexibility

Online colleges have increasing opportunities for students across the world, ensuring that students don’t have to pick a school centred solely on its location and has also helped a student who can afford to go to class daily.

2. Reduced cost

It is less expensive because students aren’t helping to pay for school infrastructure, regular transportation fee. For students who can’t afford a conventional college education, online learning can be a powerful game changer.

3. Time Flexibility

Online learning offers more flexibility to students in a relation of how and when they take classes. Students can choose when to do their work. Some online colleges allow students to take courses devoid of using an outdated semester. With this, students can enrol any time they want and can begin classes when it is convenient for them.

4. Student Diversity

Not all students flourish in a traditional lecture setting, and some students may even be nervous by large groups. Online learning enables students from many spheres of life to attend school. Students with disabilities, distance learning means they can dodge navigate a challenging campus college.

List Of Approved Online colleges centres in Nigeria

Eight universities in the Nigerian University System, currently have the approval of the NUC to operate distance learning centres. They are:

1. University of Ibadan (UI).

2. University of Lagos (UNILAG).

3. University of Abuja (UNIABUJA).

4. University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID).

5. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife.

6. Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH), Yola.

7. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Open and Distance Learning Centre, Ogbomosho.

8. Ahmadu Bello University (OAU), Zaria.

List of Online Colleges in U.S.A

1. University of North Carolina

2. Temple University

3. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

4. Arkansas State University

5. University of Florida

6. Carnegie Mellon University

7. Arizona State University

8. Indiana University

9. University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium

10. Kennesaw State University

11. The University of South Florida – ST. Petersburg

12. West Texas A & M West Texas University

13. The University Of Texas at Dallas

14. The University Of Tennessee—MARTIN

15. The University Of North Texas OF NORTH TEXAS

List of Online Colleges in England

1. Nottingham Trent University

2. Imperial College London

3. Aston University

4. Manchester Metropolitan University

5. University of Birmingham

6. University of Liverpool

7. London school of international business

8. University of Edinburgh business

9. Durham University

10. University of Cambridge

11. University of Essex

12. Birmingham City University

13. The University of the West of Scotland

14. University of Westminister

15. Bangor University

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