NYSC Scheme Is No More Necessary And Therefore, Should Be Scrapped

Last updated on June 14th, 2018 at 08:05 pm


Please the policy that established NYSC should be reviewed. NYSC should be scrapped and a new Entrepreneurship Scheme is established as a replacement.

The question now, “IS THIS NYSC SCHEME STILL NECESSARY?” every year it’s always hundreds of NYSC members killed by religious extremists in the northern states including Abuja (MANDALA in Suleja as an unforgettable memorial) through bomb blasts; hundreds are killed through political thuggery nationwide during elections; hundreds more are killed by road accidents; tenth and thousand are killed through unfamiliarly harsh environment; hundred are forced into prostitution in strange lands in order to survive due to near lack of social care and security.

After all these young graduates were supposed to be properly engaged and exposed to “Relevant” works and operational ethics in the related industrial sectors of their studies in order to acquire the REQUISITE knowledge preparatory to permanent future career engagements. But now irrespective of their areas of studies, every Corper is posted to teach in a Classroom, a situation that has no value additions to the educational sector because more than 90% of these Corps Teachers do not study education-related programs and more than that percentage lack passion for this imposed teaching jobs.

So the so called NYSC scheme has neither value addition to Nigerian Industries nor to the Educational sector nor to the human professional development of the young graduates.
Yet the Unnecessary Scheme is a huge money guzzler, wasting Billions of Naira without tangible returns.

Some people somewhere were and are made billionaires through this Scheme and would never support any advocated proposal for its scrapping.
Nevertheless, I strongly advocate that the NYSC scheme be scrapped. It is no more useful. Let there be a new Entrepreneurial Scheme set up to exposed the young graduates to more critical training in different areas of production; in sectors such as Agriculture, Renewable Energy Energy, ICT hardware and software engineering and production, communication, etc.

It is high time we moved from Conservatism. The initial NYSC goals are already obsolete and no more in tune with the present national reality in relation to human capital development.

The extent of the RISKS these children are exposed to is pathetically unnecessary. Because we don’t value life in Nigeria, these deaths might not be mentioned by our Representatives in both the House of Reps and Senate; moreover, when their children return from universities in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, etc, they are not posted to Zamfara, Benue, Bauchi, Katsina, KEBBI, OSUN, AWKA etc, but are posted to serve at CBN, FIRS, NNPC, etc.

But it is high time we Nigerians talked about this in the street parliament with the support of the press for possible review.


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