Study in Australia: International Scholarship by the Australia Government at curtin University 2018

Curtin University invites applications for RTP stipend Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to both Australian and foreign students on the basis of merit.

RTP stipend Scholarships

(RTP) Stipend Scholarships are funded by the Australian government and awarded to students with exceptional research potential, who carry out a research qualification (HDR) to support the general cost of living.

Curtin University is an Australian public research university based in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia.

Applicants must provide official proof of English language proficiency or the application form. Applicants who do not speak English after the enrollment will not be considered for a scholarship.

Course level: Scholarships are required for the completion of a higher degree by research (HDR)

Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin Business School, Science & Engineering, Humanities and Center for Aboriginal Studies.

Scholarships Awards:

Stipend: Curtin University is awarded to each Recipient an annual scholarship equivalent to the basic full-time RTP scholarship, which is published by the Department of Education and Training for the respective year of the award. The annual scholarship rate of 2017 for a full-time student is currently set at $ 26,682.00, tax-free.

Tuition fee offset scholarship: International applicants award an RTP fellowship scholarship is provided Curtin-funded study fees offset scholarship to support the study fees liability.

Period of support: The beneficiaries are entitled to a three-year full-time equivalent study, if an eligible research diploma and a maximum duration of two years full-time equivalent study, if a Masters by Research. The duration of the fellowship is reduced by a study period which has been carried out until the beginning of the scholarship.


Eligibility: In order to receive an RTP stipend scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Fulfillment of all academic entry requirements for a master’s degree by research or a doctorate, including English knowledge set by the Curtin University without concession, and
  • Be undertaking a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) or intending to commence HDR course in Research Term 1, 2018
  • As a full-time, Internal, be enrolled on campus student. Admission may be granted for a part-time remuneration (for domestic students only) if an applicant is able to prove convincing social reasons such as a medical condition or primary care obligations that would prevent full-time studies.
  • Do not receive income from another source to support their overall living costs while they complete their course of studies if this income is greater than 75 percent of their RTP fellowships.

Nationality: Australian and international students can apply.

University admission requirements

Access requirements: Applications must have a previous degree.

Test request: No.

English Language Requirement: Candidates must provide an official proof of English language proficiency or the application form. Applicants who do not speak English after the enrollment will not be considered for a scholarship.

Application: Interested applicants who have not yet enrolled in the course of studies can submit an online e-application for the course and a scholarship.

Hardcopy Scholarship Application Form:

Applicants must use the applied Hardcopy Scholarship Application Form if their situation occurs in the following circumstances:

They are currently registered with Curtin and fit into the guidelines under “Authorization Criteria”
You have already received an offer of coursework at Curtin University for Research Term 1, 2018 and have not yet started studying.

You have already received an offer for admission, but the course offer does not apply to Research Term 1, 2018 – in this case, please contact the Graduate Research School – Future (for domestic students only) or Curtin International (only for students) To postpone your course offer for admission to Research Term 1, 2018. Only once you were advised that your course offer will be officially moved to Research Term 1, 2018, you can use this Hardcopy application form. If the deferment is not approved, you will need to apply again for the student license and a scholarship from the above link.

They started and had a pending application at Curtin e-Application about NOW! Before the scholarship Opening Date: Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Application form

Official scholarships Website

Application deadline: 21 September 2017.

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