UNIUYO Adopt Electronics Voting – Rescheduled Date For Election

After a town hall meeting today 10/7/18 with the Dean of Students’ Affairs and the Electoral Commission at CBN Auditorium, the following are what will guide the elections.

Date: Friday 13/7/2018

Time: 9am – 3pm on the dot.

Venue: Where ever you.

Mode of the Elections: Electronic Voting

Elections Site: www.uniuyovoters.com

Voters Card: Personal Voter Code


1. Log on to the above site from 9am on the dot on Friday 13/7/18

2. Username is your Registration Number which you will enter correctly

3. Enter your PVC which is only personal to you which will be sent to your mobile number which you used during your registration in school on Thursday 12/7/2018 evening. So keep your phone charged and on.

4. Click login, the electronic ballot papers with candidate names, office and faces will display.
5. Select the preferred candidate, vote by circling the name and enter your phone number on the space provided.

6. Click on Cast Vote and your vote will be cast and a confirmation SMS that you have cast your vote will be sent to you.


1. Use information sent to you correctly

2. Do not sell or buy PVC as otherwise will be useless.

3. One man one vote

4. Do not attempt to vote for someone

5. Vote can only be cast within the time frame (9am-3pm). No one minute allow on it. Once it’s 3pm,the site will automatically close.

6. Only vote through internet enable devices.


Provisions will be made for a viewing centre that will have Projector, Screen and Printer. Only those to monitor the elections will be allow into the Election viewing centre. The following group of persons will be allowed :

1. All accredited agents of all candidates
2. Security officers in the school
3. Uniuyo media accredited
4. Members of the Electoral Commission
5. Accredited Independent Observers if any.

Note: The above persons are not to get to the centre with any mobile device. Also, no one goes out or in after entering. All the persons listed above must be seated 30mins before 9am. The printer will print out automatically after 3pm,as the site will shoot down same time. The agents will monitor the online voting through the Projector and screen.

Fraudsters will be dealt with accordingly. Candidates should not sent agents that have exams on that day as the elections will not affect exams.

Also, the list of registered voters and all information will be pasted on the Faculties Notice Boards.

Keep a watch as UNIUYO decides!

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