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Waec Civil education question answers

This page will provide you with waec 2018 Civil education question and answers to objectives and Essay questions. There is also WAEC geography paper 3 & Practical solutions. You should consider checking it out. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is an Examination board that conduct the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) that is required for Admission into any higher institution in Nigeria.

According to the 2018 WAEC Timetable, The SSCE WAEC 2018 Civil education paper 2 & 1 (Essay & Objectives) is scheduled to hold today as follows;

Wednesday, 11th April, 2018

Civic Education 2 (Essay)** – 09:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Civic Education 1 (Objective)** – 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

if you are searching for the WAEC 2018 Civil education questions and answers to objectives and Essay questions. Below are the questions and answers to WAEC Civil education 2018   paper 1 & 2. Note this page will only provide you with the Waec 2018 Chemistry sample questions and past questions and answers to objectives and essay questions. It will help give you an insight of how WAEC Civil education question will be set and question you should expect in WAEC Civil education 2018.

WAEC 2018 Civil education Question and Answers to Objectives (OBJ) and Essay (Theory) Questions

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Verified CIVIC OBJ:

1-10: babdcccdca
11-20: dabbcccaca
21-30: acdcabaacb
31-40: ccccbbaacc
41-50: bbcdcacabd


Values can be define as the worth, merit or esteem which a person individual or group of people in the society or communities have for objects or an idea.

-to give student d knowledge and skills that we enable to participate in d society as a responsible citizen
– to make them to be well informed critical and aware of their duties and rights.
-to provide a frame work which promote the social and culture development of citizen 4 to enable them to become one self confident.

citizenship education implies that citizen be aware of laid down laws i.e. the constitution of their country. the constitution is the basic guide stating what is expected of citizens and what they are forbidding to do. these laid down rules are conditions given to citizens to keep and abide by. anyone who breaks these laid down rules is punishable under the same law. all citizens are to be treated equal under the law.

-Tolerance: tolerance is referred to as willingness or a way of allowing people to do what they want or say what they want without criticizing or punishing them..
-harmony: harmony helps in the promotion of national consciousness, national integrity and unity in the sense that in a nation where citizens understand themselves, they will live and work together in a perfect harmony.

Drug abuse is the overuse and misuse of legal and illegal drugs by individuals without prescription by medical personnels

-legal sanction the inclusion of drug abuse in the penal codes in Nigeria with penalties
-teaching drug usage and misuse as part of the school curriculum i.e enormative education

-psychological reinforcement of behaviours of drug abuse when appropriate.

-community action and involvement: school systems, churches, mosques, recreation facilities and all citizens should work together to institute drug freenorms within our culture and their particular communities

-involvement in school and entracurricular activities such as sports may keep people out of drug abuse.

(7a) Futures of democracy:

-national wealth: disparity in the distribution of national wealth is progressively reduces.

-secret ballot: in popular democracies, elections are usually done by secret ballot

-rule of law: there should be the application of the rule of law and no one should be above the law

-fundamental human right: the rights of individuals should be promoted and guaranted

-freedom of press: the radio, newspapers and television should be free to write and express issues without any hindrance

-equal opportunity:it ensures equal opportunity for all citizens in all spheres of life

-free choice of leader: it gives the electorate the opportunity to elect leaders of their choice.

-misuse of power: democracy does not allow for misuse of power because power is not concentrated in the hand of one person.

-legitimacy: it gives legitimacy to the elected government. this is because the elected government has the support of the people..

-operation of the rule of law: those in government rule according to the provisions of the constitution.

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